La justícia de menors des d'una perspectiva criminològica

GOLDSON, B; MUNCIE, J. Youth crime and juvenile justice. London: SAGE Publications, 2009 (3 vol.)
Signatura: 343.915 You

Inclou: Volum I: La sociologia de la infància i la joventut; La descoberta de la delinqüència juvenil; Els orígens de la justícia de menors; Representacions i realitats. Volum II: Centres de Justícia juvenil: Protecció i justícia de menors i predicció del risc; Justícia punitiva; Justícia juvenil internacional i comparada. Volum III: Els drets del menor; Drets i Justícia: retòrica i realitat; Abusos i violacions; Repensant la justícia juvenil.

Comentari de l'editor: "This three-volume set of original readings is designed to reveal how and why children and young people have been repeatedly the subject of adult concern, censure and intervention. It conceptualises notions of 'childhood', 'youth' and 'adolescence' whilst also tracing the complex history of adult intervention and juvenile justice. This collection is particularly timely not only because of persistent concerns over 'out of control' youth but also because of an apparent hardening of adult reactions in many jurisdictions. Youth justice in the 21st century is designed to punish the offender whilst keeping their welfare paramount. It is at one and the same time about crime prevention and retribution. It makes claims for restoration and reintegration whilst seeking some of the most punitive measures of surveillance and containment in custodial and community settings. In the 21st century discourses of protection, restoration, punishment, responsibility, rehabilitation, welfare, retribution, diversion, human rights and so on exist alongside each other in some perpetually uneasy and contradictory manner. Youth Crime and Juvenile Justice provides a lens through which to navigate this complex field."

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